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If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help! Call us today at (855) 722-6926

Building a Normal Sleep Schedule in Recovery

Building a Normal Sleep Schedule in Recovery

Getting regular sleep when using drugs or alcohol can be difficult.

For those who are addicted to sedative drugs like alcohol or heroin, drug use is the only way many users are able to get to sleep. For those using speedier drugs like meth, sleep can be elusive. After completing drug and alcohol detox in Gilman, many of our patients struggle with sleep problems in sobriety. Our team at Banyan Heartland shares tips on how to develop a healthy sleep pattern and tips for practicing good sleep hygiene.

What Causes Insomnia in Recovery?

Many newly sober individuals struggle with sleep problems in recovery, but what causes this? Insomnia in recovery can be caused by chemical changes in the brain, specifically the recalibration of many of these elements. For a person who counted on drugs or alcohol to fall asleep, the sleep problems in sobriety can be especially difficult. This is because the body has gotten used to the chosen substance for sleep, which makes sleeping sober especially difficult.

How to Overcome Sleep Problems in Sobriety

While some of the chemical causes of sleep problems will take time to resolve on their own, there are steps you can take to build healthy sleep patterns and practice good sleep hygiene. At our center for drug and alcohol treatment in Gilman, we help patients build a normal sleep schedule with proper sleep pattern development. A routine is key in establishing a good sleep schedule.

How to Build a Normal Sleep Schedule

Routine is at the core of healthy sleeping habits. Consider these tips for building a normal sleep schedule:

  • Keep your bedroom distraction-free, without a TV or cell phone
  • Don’t watch TV or scroll on your phone right before bed
  • Get a nighttime routine that you practice before going to sleep every night
  • Wake up at the same time every day, even weekends
  • Cut back on caffeine after noon
  • Avoid heavy dinners

The above sleep hygiene tips can help you develop the right routine, so you’ll get better sleep and avoid feeling so tired. A healthy sleep schedule can set the stage for easier recovery, giving you the foundation of a great night’s rest.

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