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Skin Picking and Addiction

Skin Picking and Addiction

Drug addiction can cause a variety of skin problems, including meth sores or other sores as a result of heroin itching in the skin.

Many people struggling with addiction also have a skin picking addiction, also known as dermatillomania. Skin picking disorders are classified as a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder due to the compulsive nature of the picking. It is important to note that skin picking resulting from heroin itching may not qualify as a compulsive disorder, as the itching is the catalyst of the picking, rather than a psychological stressor. Still, any form of skin picking, especially for patients with dual diagnosis disorders, requires professional addiction treatment in Gilman.

The Connection Between Addiction and Skin Picking

Skin picking disorders typically manifest when a person notices an imperfection, such as a scab or scar, on their skin. They begin to pick at the imperfection, which results in more damage to the area and prevents healing. This becomes a cycle in which the skin picking addiction prevails. For those with heroin itching or meth mites (aka meth sores), skin picking can be especially dangerous.

Heroin itching and meth mites can lead to worsening sores, and one with a skin picking addiction will continue to pick at these sores. Worse yet, the stresses experienced during detox may cause patients to pick at their sores, scabs, or skin more, especially for those who suffer from anxiety and skin picking disorders.

Treating Addiction Without Skin Picking

Patients suffering from dual diagnosis disorders such as anxiety and heroin addiction may struggle with skin picking during the treatment process and beyond. The treatment professionals at our heroin addiction treatment center in Illinois understand how to treat addiction without exacerbating a skin picking disorder. Behavioral therapies can help curtail skin picking, allowing for full recovery from addiction and skin picking.




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