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Wendy Williams Drunk and Hospitalized After Leaving Sober Living Home

Wendy Williams found drunk

Just one week after announcing her sobriety on her daytime talk show, Wendy Williams was rushed to the hospital after being found drunk.

According to Daily Mail, Williams was taken to the hospital to sober up after checking herself out of a sober living home on Monday. At the hospital, Williams was given IV fluids to treat vitamin and electrolyte deficiencies caused by chronic alcohol consumption. [1]

Williams has never been shy about her past, candidly sharing her struggles of cocaine addiction with the world. In 2014, she told PEOPLE, “Drugs were a demon I had to overcome.” [2] She has also used her platform to create the Hunter Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides grants for drug education, prevention and rehabilitation programs. [3]

Last week, Williams disclosed on-air that she had been quietly focusing on her recovery, after being absent from her show from January to March 4th. While she attributed the hiatus to a fractured shoulder and her diagnosis of Grave’s disease, it appears Williams has been battling more than anyone knew. She told fans, “You know I’ve had a struggle with cocaine in the past…I never went to a place to get treatment,” she said on The Wendy Williams Show. “There are people in your family, it might be you…I want you to know more of the story.” [4]

She went on to explain that only her husband, Kevin Hunter, knew that she was seeking help for substance abuse. “Only Kevin knows about this. Not my parents, nobody,” she said. “I am driven by my 24-hour sober coach back to a home that I live in the tri-state with a bunch of smelly boys who have become my family.” At the facility, it’s “door’s locked at 10 pm, lights out by 10 pm” she continued. “So, that is my truth.”

While the cause of her relapse is still unknown, and Williams has yet to comment on the situation, some sources have attributed the downward spiral to marital discord and adultery, on her husband’s behalf. Regardless of the reasons behind Williams’ struggles, it is important to remember that she is human and is battling a cunning disease. Addiction does not discriminate; it does not care who you are or how much money you make. Williams’ story is proof of that.

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