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How to Stay Safe when Detoxing from Alcohol

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Alcohol withdrawal is a part of detox, and its symptoms can start within 6-24 hours after you’ve had your last drink. [1]

The symptoms vary from person to person and detoxing from alcohol can be a medically dangerous process for many people. But without safe alcoholism detoxification, you can’t break free from your alcohol use disorder. Yes, detox can be difficult, but a supportive rehab program can help you safely detox from alcohol.

Alcohol Detox Dangers

During alcohol detox, withdrawals can happen. When the body has become used to regular quantities of alcohol and the toxins it builds up, withdrawals can occur when the drinking stops. Withdrawal symptoms are one of the biggest alcohol detox dangers and can include:

  • Delirium Tremens
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Shakes
  • Sweating
  • Headache
  • Tremors
  • Confusion
  • Nausea

Alcohol Detox Safety Tips

There’s no quick fix at-home guide to alcohol detox. The process requires professional support. Safely detoxing from alcohol requires medical support to treat the alcohol detox symptoms. Our alcoholism rehab is part of the Banyan Treatment Center family of facilities, including medically monitored detox services that put patient safety at the focus of care. Safety tips for alcohol detox include:

  • Seeking medical care for the detox process
  • Replenishing lost fluids during detox
  • Getting support from doctors for withdrawal symptoms
  • Entering a residential treatment program after completing detox

The safest way to detox from alcohol is to do so with medical support from trusted treatment professionals. This is because alcohol withdrawal symptoms can turn deadly without the right medical support on hand. Detoxing from alcohol can seem scary, but with the right help, you can and will make it through this process. With medical support for detox, you’ll have all the help you need to safely and comfortably detox from alcohol.

Quit Drinking Today

Today is the day you can stop the cycle and find your sobriety. Drinking just to feel normal is no way to enjoy your life. There’s another way, and the only way out of alcoholism is through safe alcohol detox programs. After completing treatment, patients can join our alumni recovery program for more support in lifelong recovery.

Safe detox starts by calling 888-280-4763.


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