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How to Repair Broken Relationships Stemming from Addiction

How to Repair Broken Relationships Stemming from Addiction

Unfortunately, addiction and relationships often do not mix well together.

One major side effect of drug or alcohol addiction is a strain on relationships. Drugs and alcohol can change your behavior and lead you to tell lies, push people away, and even steal from those closest to you. After some time as an addict, tension may arise with your spouse, and family relationships could be torn apart. With a lot of hard work, you may be able to repair relationships broken by addiction. At Banyan Chicago, we provide some insight into how to repair broken relationships in addiction recovery.

Recognize that you have a problem and work on yourself. You cannot begin to repair relationships broken by addiction until you first begin to change yourself, especially if you also suffer from a mental disorder and require dual diagnosis treatment. These relationships cannot be fixed while you still have an addiction problem. Once you accept that you need professional help like our alcohol and drug rehab in Chicago, you can later work on repairing your broken relationships during the recovery process.

Part of the 12-Step program is making amends with people you have hurt as a result of your addiction. If you want to repair relationships broken by addiction, it is imperative that you recognize your wrongdoings in these relationships. Once you realize where you have faltered, you will not only grow as a person, but you will also be able to provide your loved ones with a sincere and honest apology. At our addiction treatment in Naperville, we will help guide you through this process.

Go to therapy together. As part of our substance abuse treatment programs in Naperville, we also offer family and couples therapy so that you can take steps to rebuild the relationships that mean the most to you. Therapy allows everyone to speak freely in a safe environment. Your family and/or your spouse may develop a better understanding of addiction and will be able to voice all or their feelings on the matter, an option you probably did not give them before entering treatment. Together you can learn the best way to move forward.

Finally, you will want to continue to repair relationships after addiction. While recovery gives you a good foundation on which to rebuild your relationship, earning someone’s trust again is a long process. Make sure you put the effort into your relationships so that they will continue to get stronger long after you leave our drug treatment centers in Illinois.

You do not want to walk through life alone. At our drug and alcohol treatment center in Chicago, we offer a series of program and therapies to help you not only overcome your addiction, but also to help guide you in the direction of a happier and fuller life surrounded by people who care about you.

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