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How Celebrity Addiction Has Changed from Tabloids to Activism


How Celebrity Addiction Has Changed from Tabloids to Activism

The stories of celebrities and addiction have changed drastically in recent years.

In the early 2000’s, tabloids were apt to report on the latest “it girl” overdose, drunken rampage, or mental health struggle. But today, the stories are changing. While there are many celebrities in recovery and others who have yet to make the change and find sobriety, the reports about their challenges are very different today. Today, sober celebrities and celebrity addicts have the ability to write their own story and show the truth behind recovering from addiction.

How Celebrities Are Becoming Activists

As the stigmas surrounding addiction and mental health struggles are changing for the better, the new openness about mental health has helped many sober celebrities act as activists for mental health and addiction recovery. In previous years, a sober celebrity may have been vilified for their struggles with addiction.

Today, celebrities are using social media to create a platform of activism, encouraging others to get help. Before, celebrity addicts didn’t have the direct platform they now have. Tabloids could report whatever they wanted about celebrities and addiction. But today, with Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter at their fingertips, celebrities can write their own narrative to their millions of fans, singing praises about recovery rather than reinforcing stigmas of addiction.

Why Celebrities Struggle with Substance Abuse

Many people think that celebrities have it all. Money, fame, power. What do they have to worry about? Well, the higher the celebrity status, the greater the pressure. There are many celebrities with mental health issues who simply did not seek help soon enough because they were surrounded by “yes men” who always downplayed the issues.

Stigmas and other factors may have kept these musicians, actors, and other famous people from getting help. But as the social climate grows kinder to discussing mental health and addiction, celebrities are able to get the help they need. This in turn encourages their fans to seek help when necessary as well.

Celebrities Who Beat Addiction

Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Robert Downey Jr. are vocal about their recovery from addiction. Getting sober starts with completing a drug and alcohol detox program, including a medically monitored program that can mitigate symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal.

These celebrities, and many others, are open about their past with addiction and their successes in recovery. If they can do it, so can you.

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