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Signs of Depression Nobody Talks About

Signs of Depression Nobody Talks About

Depression is more common than you may think, with the CDC reporting that 8% of American adults, age 20 and above, have reported depression in their 2016 survey.

Depression is more common among women, but it also effects men.[1] Identifying signs of depression is the first step in treating depression, and our rehabs in Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and other states provide treatment for this mental health condition.

Common signs of depression and major depressive disorder include difficulty concentrating, restlessness, low appetite, feelings of guilt, anxious mood, and persistent feelings of sadness or emptiness.[2] While these signs are more common and identifiable, there are also unknown signs of depression that are less apparent but equally important to address.

Secret Signs of Depression

To begin treating depression, the signs of the condition must be identified. Secret, unknown signs of depression include:

  • Changes in sleep schedules. Sleep is a crucial component of quality physical and mental health. Issues with sleep may indicate that something is amiss. Drastic changes in sleep may indicate the presence of depressive disorders.
  • Anger problems. Depression is typically associated with a slowing or sadness, which is why anger is a secret sign of depression that people often miss. Unresolved trauma may contribute to depression and anger or irritability can be an underlying symptom of this mental health condition.[3]
  • Indecisiveness. Depression can lead to difficulty with decision making, so if you are suddenly experiencing indecisiveness and you’re generally a decisive person, there is likely something amiss.[4]

Our family of facilities at Banyan Treatment Centers provides treatment for many mental health conditions, including depression and co-occurring disorders. Call 888-280-4763 to learn more.


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