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If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help! Call us today at (855) 722-6926

Famous Former Addicts You Didn’t Know About

Celebrity Quotes About Sobriety

Addiction is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a disease that has plagued, and continues to plague many Americans.

From your average Joe to A-list celebrities, people across the country struggle with drug addiction and alcoholism.

Surprising Famous Recovered Drug Addicts

Hollywood may look glamorous, but it’s an incredibly stressful environment full of tough competition. As a result, some celebrities turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with pressures they face and end up developing an addiction. The most important part is recognizing you have a problem and getting help with a proper rehab center. Our list of famous former addicts who have traveled the road to recovery sheds some light on how addiction can affect anyone.

Daniel Radcliffe

Besides battling Voldemort, Daniel Radcliffe also battled an alcohol addiction. This child star found it hard to live up to the high expectations as “the boy who lived” and turned to alcohol to cope. After recognizing he had a problem, he took steps towards recovery by replacing his bad habits with healthy ones like exercise and reading. [1] You don’t need magic to overcome alcoholism, our alcohol addiction treatment in Philadelphia is here to help.

Kristin Davis

As it turns out, this “Sex and The City” star is also a famous former addict. She admits that she was a recovering alcoholic before she became a big star. In fact, she partially credits acting for motivating her to get better. After recognizing that acting was her passion, she attended a treatment center like our drug and alcohol rehab center in Philadelphia to help her stop drinking and kickstart her career.

Zac Efron

This High School Musical heartthrob struggled with an addiction to alcohol and drugs, like cocaine. In 2013, he first entered rehab after he recognized that he needed professional help if he wanted to continue growing in his acting career. If you also suffer from cocaine abuse, our cocaine addiction treatment in Philadelphia can help you get your life back on track like Zac did.

If you are looking for help like our former celebrity addicts did, our drug and alcohol treatment in Philadelphia can help you take your first steps towards recovery.

At Banyan Philadelphia, we do not want you to be ashamed of your problem, but to actively take steps to get better just like these famous former addicts have. Recovery is a journey. Call us at 888-280-4763 to get started.


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