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How to Detox from Drugs and Alcohol Safely


While many people are afraid of the discomfort associated with withdrawals during detoxification, the discomfort should not be your biggest concern.

There are medical dangers associated with detoxification from a variety of substances, such as alcohol, benzos, and opiates. Safety is the first concern when it comes to drug and alcohol detox. At Banyan Heartland, we support patient safety and comfort through our inpatient medically monitored detox services. Here’s how to safely detox.

How to Detox from Drugs and Alcohol

To detox from drugs and alcohol, you will either need to completely stop or slowly taper use of the substances you are addicted to. For some drugs, going cold turkey and quitting all at once can be very dangerous, so it’s important to consult with an addiction professional before doing so.

Tips for Safe Detox

As your body undergoes a drug or alcohol detox, it attempts to adjust to chemical changes that originated from an active addiction and will cause you to experience withdrawal symptoms. They can range from mild symptoms, like nausea, to life-threatening symptoms, such as seizures. The substances you were abusing, your age, and the duration of your addiction will all influence the severity of your withdrawal symptoms. To safely detox from drugs and alcohol, you should:

  • Consult with an addiction professional before beginning detox.
  • Seek medical support for the detox process.
  • Eat healthy meals and drink plenty of water.
  • Treat the symptoms of withdrawals.

If you don’t know how to detox from drugs, we offer medically monitored detoxification services to help patients safely detox. Our drug and alcohol detox facility can also assist in treating withdrawal symptoms.

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