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How to Avoid Spring Break Drug Triggers

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Spring break is often where alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, and partying are in full swing.

It is an excuse for young people to let loose and maybe go a little overboard. While on the outside it may seem like harmless fun, spring break drug triggers are everywhere for the recovering drug addict. At our Banyan Treatment Center in Philadelphia, we understand that a spring break addiction relapse can be a reality for people who do not take the proper steps to avoid it. Our staff at our drug and alcohol rehab center in Philadelphia share some useful tips so you can have a fun and memorable sober spring break.

The worst way to avoid spring break drug triggers is to pack your bags and head out to a well-known spring break party destination like the Jersey Shore with your non-sober friends. While you may experience some FOMO if you don’t go, the party environment at these places will almost certainly push you to your limits.

If possible, and if you are far enough along in your recovery to do so, use this free time to travel elsewhere. Avoid any party places with spring break drug triggers and consider exploring the great outdoors instead. Go with a trusted family member or friend that you know will help keep you on track.

At Banyan Philadelphia, we suggest spending your spring break with other sober people. This could include people that you met during your PHP treatment or other people who have made it through our rehab center successfully. Sober spring break activities could include events around the city, a nice dinner, or if you really want your dose of saltwater and sunshine, choose a less crowded beach where people go to relax instead of party. Together you will be able to avoid spring break drug triggers and have fun doing it.

It is important to try to maintain a routine and stay healthy during your sober spring break. While it can be tempting to throw everything you learned out the window and “relax” or let go a little, it also increases the risk of a spring break addiction relapse. Continue to exercise, eat healthy, attend recovery meetings, and take time to work on your mental health during this break.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you need our drug and alcohol treatment in Philadelphia to get your life back under control. Whether you are looking for opiate or cocaine addiction treatment in Philadelphia, we have the treatment programs you need to not only start your road to recovery, but to help you stay on track long after your time at Banyan Philadelphia.

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