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How to Enjoy a Sober Spring Break

How to Enjoy a Sober Spring Break

The National Institute on Drug Abuse found that in 2016 it was estimated that 32.4% of college students participated in binge drinking in the past two weeks and 40.8% of college student had been intoxicated in the past month. [1] With Spring Break just around the corner, these numbers are likely to increase substantially during this time. While the party environment may seem fun, it can be dangerous and especially problematic for college students who have been in addiction rehab and are trying to live a sober life.

Spending Spring Break Sober

Spring break can be filled with stress for the recovering addict. Avoid a spring break relapse by having a sober spring break instead. At our Banyan Treatment Center in Pompano, we understand that addiction can be a continuous battle with yourself. You may feel like you are missing out by not partying or that a sober spring break might be boring. The staff at our Pompano treatment center are here to share some suggestions to have a fun but sober spring break.

It is common practice for many students to take a trip to a destination with the sole purpose of partying. Avoid these spring break destinations and the tempting situations they create. Instead, plan a staycation. Use the free time you have to be a tourist in your own town and visit places you have been meaning to get around to but usually skip. Go to the museum that you always drive by or check out the new nitrogen ice cream place that opened down the street. It can also be fun to stay on a college campus that is mostly deserted. There are no lines in the food court, and you can be as loud as you want in the dorms at night because nobody is there.

If you are still looking to get away for a sober spring break, try an alternative spring break option. Chances are your college offers spring break trips that focus on volunteering instead of partying. If not, you may be able to find a volunteer trip with a nonprofit organization near you. Worst case scenario, you can always volunteer at the local animal shelter or food bank for the week. Spending your spring break volunteering instead of drinking and doing drugs will only reassure you that you made the right choice to stay sober. Volunteering can also have mental health benefits that can help you with the recovery process.

While many people may experiment with drugs and alcohol in college, it is important to recognize when you have gone too far. Whether you are looking for alcohol addiction treatment or help for drug abuse, you need professional help.

Our substance abuse treatment center in Pompano can help you regain control of your life. Contact us at 888-280-4763 immediately to begin your treatment at Banyan Pompano.


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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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How to Enjoy a Sober Spring Break
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