Tips for Dating In Recovery

Tips for Dating In Recovery

Dating is difficult enough as it is without the added challenge of maintaining sobriety, making things trickier.

At Banyan Treatment Center Massachusetts, we strongly advise against dating in early recovery. The understood rule of thumb across all treatment communities is to avoid dating for at least a year after getting sober. Dating when newly sober, before a year of sobriety, can damage your recovery by replacing one addiction, such as substance abuse, with another, such as love.

Waiting a year to begin dating in recovery allows you time to establish your sobriety and develop proper tools for facing life’s challenges. Many people wait to begin dating after completing drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Massachusettss so they can better set the groundwork for sobriety and focus on themselves. If you are ready to start dating, consider sober dating advice from our Massachusetts drug treatment center.  

Sober Dating Advice

Dating when newly sober doesn’t have to be a minefield of anxiety or discomfort. With a little confidence and honesty, you can enjoy dating in recovery. Our tips for dating when in recovery can help:

  • Be honest with your date about your recovery.
  • Avoid places or situations that can be triggering.
  • Rely on your friends or support systems to talk about your feelings.
  • Find healthy coping mechanisms to navigate any discomfort.
  • Never ever compromise your sobriety for a partner.
  • Put your sobriety first, your relationship with yourself is the most valuable one of all.

Tips for Dating Someone in Recovery

While dating in recovery can be tough, dating someone in recovery has its own challenges. If you are not sober yourself but you are dating someone in recovery, follow these tips:

  • Learn more about addiction or alcoholism to better understand their journey.
  • Understand that the past is in the past, and your partner is working hard to grow.
  • Do not pressure your partner or put them in situations that risk their sobriety.
  • Know your partner’s triggers so you can help them avoid relapses.
  • Consider attending local recovery community meetings to support your partner

Dating in recovery and dating someone who is in recovery are situations that present unique challenges, but dating is still possible. Our drug and alcohol rehab in Massachusetts is here to help those who need help getting or staying sober.

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