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If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help! Call us today at (855) 722-6926

The Costs of the Opioid Epidemic in Massachusetts

The Costs of the Opioid Epidemic in Massachusetts

While the opioid epidemic is a national problem, its costs are especially jarring in Massachusetts.

Opioid drug use in Massachusetts has been assessed by The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation. They have estimated the financial losses incurred by this growing epidemic. Opioid addiction in Massachusetts costs the state an estimated $8.4 billion annually, with the state losing over $2.5 billion a year in lost productivity and $5.9 billion to those who couldn’t work due to their active addiction.

Why the Opioid Epidemic in Massachusetts Is So Costly

Addiction is an expensive disease not just for the addict, but for the community as well. There are many costs associated with drug use in Massachusetts, including lost productivity, healthcare costs, public safety costs, and criminal justice costs.

It is reported that lost productivity cost The Bay State over $9.7 billion in 2017 alone. Healthcare costs associated with opioid addiction in Massachusetts were estimated at $4.5 billion in 2017, and criminal justice costs were around $500 million. These estimates are only for costs associated with the worsening opioid epidemic in Massachusetts, and the growing expenses show how dangerous the epidemic has gotten.

Other Costs of Opioid Addiction in Massachusetts

While the financial costs of opioid and drug use in Massachusetts are staggering, there are many other intangible costs associated with this epidemic. Families are paying the highest price for the opioid epidemic, losing their loved ones to opioids. But those struggling with addiction can fight back and find sobriety.

Getting Sober from Opioid Addiction

Our facility offers heroin addiction treatment in Massachusetts along with treatment for those who are addicted to painkillers or other opioids and opiates. At our drug and alcohol rehab in Massachusetts, we are fighting back against the opioid epidemic by helping people find their sobriety.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, call our facility at 888-280-4763. Our opioid addiction treatment could help.


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