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Why It’s Important to Stay Single While Getting Sober

Why It’s Important to Stay Single While Getting Sober

Why It’s Important to Stay Single While Getting Sober

A new relationship can be exciting and the prospect of entering a new romance is especially enticing this time of year. You want the Valentine’s Day hype, but this hype comes at a cost, especially if you’re working on your sobriety. We all know the suggestion of staying sober for at least a year after finding sobriety, but why is it so important to stay sober and single for at least a year? Our professionals at our Banyan detox center share why it’s so important to hold off from dating in early recovery.

Why It’s Important to Hold Off On Dating in Recovery

The rule everyone learns while undergoing Boca drug treatment is to wait at least a year before dating after rehab. This is because dating in early recovery can derail your recovery. The first year of recovery is always a challenging one and dating too soon can result in replacing one addiction, such as drugs or alcohol, for another – love1. Additionally, dating in early recovery can throw off your focus. Your first year of recovery is one that should be filled with self-growth and self-love, but if you are wrapping up all your attention in a relationship, you will deny yourself the growth you need to truly heal and solidify your sobriety.

Sober Dating Tips

So, when the time is right and you’ve determined that it’s time to start dating in recovery, getting back out there can be difficult. Our Boca drug treatment team shares sober dating tips:

  • Date other sober individuals
  • Be honest and upfront about your recovery
  • Look for a partner who supports your sobriety
  • Avoid first dates at triggering places

When you do begin dating in recovery, be sure to stay in contact with your sponsor and sober support systems. You should never skip meetings for a date, and you should never put your sobriety on the line for another person. Contact our Banyan Detox Center team today for more tips and sober support.

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