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What to Do Instead of Drinking at Parties

What to Do Instead of Drinking at Parties

Your office holiday party, gatherings with friends, any family event – you can find alcohol everywhere this holiday season.

If you’re newly sober, avoiding holiday drinking can be especially difficult. At Banyan Detox, we know that sobriety is possible during the holidays and beyond; it starts with a solid foundation and a solid support system. Here are our tips for staying sober for the holidays and beyond by avoiding temptations for holiday drinking.

Holiday Drinking is Dangerous

The holidays are incredibly dangerous when it comes to road safety. Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s see increases in traffic accidents and fatalities1. This increase in road-related dangers is due, in a large part, to the heavier drinking that’s often associated with holiday celebrations. Another condition related to heartbeat abnormalities and heart issues increases during the holidays. During holiday binge drinking, a person can ingest more ethanol than normal, resulting in Holiday Heart Syndrome, a condition that can be deadly2.

What to Do Instead of Drinking

Whether you’ve recently completed alcoholism treatment or you’re now aware of alcohol’s dangers and you’re looking to stay safe this holiday season, it’s important to have fun without drinking. Here’s what to do instead of drinking at parties:

  • Play party games. Classic party games can be a ton of fun when you’re sober; they allow you to genuinely enjoy the time you’re spending with your loved ones. Bring some of your favorite games or be sure to participate in the games the host is playing.
  • Get crafty. When your hands are busy, you’ll feel less fidgety. Consider attending holiday parties that include activities which do not center around alcohol consumption, such as holiday-themed crafts or competitions.
  • Mix non-alcoholic drinks. There are many mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks that can still bring great flavors. Hit up the punch bowl or drink station to see what sober-friendly concoctions you can create.
  • Attend sober parties. Other former alcoholics or addicts understand what you’re going through, so they’ll be understanding of your challenges and needs.

After completing alcohol detox in Florida, patients may have a tough time navigating their first holiday season sober. Drugs and alcohol are a crutch, and you do not need these “social lubricants” to make it through the holidays. Instead, you can finally foster true connections and make lasting memories this holiday season. Contact our drug and alcohol detox center in Stuart for support in your recovery! Call 888-280-4763 today.

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