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Emerging Addiction Recovery Technologies

Emerging Technologies in Addiction Treatment

Technology is constantly advancing, even in the field of addiction treatment.

At Banyan Treatment Centers Massachusetts, we continue to work towards developing an understanding of the ever-evolving addiction recovery technologies. One of the most notable technologies in addiction treatment is virtual reality, also known as VR. As these advancements become a more normalized part of people’s everyday lives, our Wilmington rehab center digs deeper into how it may help a person who is recovering from a substance use disorder. Here is how this technology supports recovery.


How Does Virtual Reality Work?

The technology of virtual reality includes a headset worn by the user that covers their eyes and ears. Once on, it can immerse them in various worlds and settings. Many of these settings are filmed using cameras specifically designed to produce VR content. This immersion is so in-depth that people can have full conversations while moving about these simulated environments, whether with some kind of artificial intelligence or with another user.

These worlds are self-contained, providing a safe space for people to explore various different environments and scenarios. For those recovering from addiction, it allows users to address their substance abuse safely and in a controlled setting.


VR for Addiction Treatment

It is no secret that recovery can be a difficult process. For example, something can stick and make perfect sense while sitting with a therapist, but then, unfortunately, it can become much harder to apply that after treatment concludes. This is when people may end up back in the triggering situations that fueled their addictions in the first place. If not properly prepared, these individuals risk relapsing and setting their recovery back to square one.

Virtual reality addiction treatment can be applied to mitigate this phenomenon. Because VR allows participants to fully immerse themselves in a controlled setting, it provides an optimal environment for them to practice crucial recovery techniques.

These recovery techniques can include:

  • Resisting temptation
  • Developing and practicing verbal responses
  • Performing relaxation techniques

VR rehabilitation programs are still a relatively new occurrence. Even so, they have shown to be an incredibly useful tool when applied correctly. It is a drug-free healing approach that can enhance a person’s ability to manage their emotions, in addition to their stress and anxiety levels.

Another important factor to consider is that VR wouldn’t be a suitable tool by itself. It is meant to accentuate a patient’s healing regimen, which should also include elements of therapy, detox, and other treatments. VR can be used as a distraction from the mental or physical discomfort that a patient experiences during detox. Patients can also learn firsthand how to combat cravings, which can be applied even after treatment has concluded.


How VR Enhances Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a multifaceted challenge, and effective treatment should address the many aspects of this disease. With drug addiction treatment technology, such as VR, patients are able to address many aspects of their addiction.

VR addiction treatment can also aid patients in addressing instances of self-doubt. Defeatism is one of the biggest roadblocks to recovery, so by repeatedly rejecting an addiction and the scenarios that trigger it, that confidence can grow and develop. As virtual rehab treatments continue to develop, it highlights the progress that has been seen in addiction recovery technologies. Instead of remaining ignorant of the benefits they can provide, we seek to learn from them and figure out how they can be most effectively used to support a person in recovery.


Find Recovery With Our Rehab in Massachusetts

Although VR is not currently available at our Banyan locations, we recognize its benefits and ability to accentuate the healing process. Those currently looking for Massachusetts addiction treatment can find a number of effective programs at Banyan. Each level of care that we offer is designed to provide the most appropriate recovery experience to each unique patient, plus each program that we offer is curated with our patients in mind. We ensure we will do everything in our power to help our patients succeed.


To learn more about our options for therapy and recovery, call Banyan’s Massachusetts addiction treatment center today at 888-280-4763.


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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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Emerging Addiction Recovery Technologies
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