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What if an Intervention Doesn’t Work?


The goal of an intervention is to help your loved one recognize their unhealthy behaviors and guide them to seek addiction treatment.

But what if the addiction intervention didn’t go as planned? You can prepare in advance; however, it can be hard to know exactly how your loved one will react as a result of an intervention. It’s possible that the addicted individual will refuse the help that you are offering. Thus, you may be wondering what you can do next to not give up hope. It’s important to continue to persevere and encourage your loved one to seek treatment, since their life is on the line. Everyone experiences a unique journey when it comes to recovery, and that initial call for help can take some time. The addiction treatment experts at our drug rehab in Chicago explain what to do if an addiction intervention has failed.

Cut Out Enabling Behaviors

If the intervention you have set up has failed, you should set boundaries and cut out all enabling behaviors. If they do not initially agree to treatment, you should explain to them that you will stop giving in to the addictive behaviors, such as financially supporting them so that they can buy drugs. Stick to your boundaries, and eventually your loved one will come to you for real help.

Stage Another Intervention

While this may sound redundant, you now know how your loved one will react in a staged intervention, as well as what words will trigger them to lash out in anger. Prepare this second intervention from a different perspective and re-assess what went wrong in the first one. Try including other loved ones in this intervention. This way, the addicted individual may finally realize the damage that has been done when every person around them is showing concern for the behaviors going on. Stay focused on the main goal of recovery. It may be best to include a professional interventionist to mediate the situation.

It may take multiple attempts to get through to your loved one about their addiction, and that’s okay. The result of successful recovery is worth the hard work it takes to get there. If your loved one is dealing with addiction and needs help recognizing the dangers, contact Banyan Treatment Center at 888-280-4763 today.

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