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How Music Can Help Sobriety


Music can help create feelings of happiness and allow individuals to escape reality.

For those who have recently recovered from substance abuse, turning to music when feelings of stress and anxiousness arise can tremendously help a person regroup. Connecting with music during hard times can be very powerful and influential during the recovery journey, especially for those who have recently transitioned into a sober lifestyle. There are certain treatment programs that utilize music therapy for addiction, and this approach has been proven successful for so many patients. Banyan Treatment Center, a drug rehab in Chicago, explains the many benefits that music can have on sober individuals and why so many people use music as a way to escape.

Why Music and Sobriety Connect  

Music can make you feel energized, and it can give you a natural high that many people crave. When you leave behind drugs and alcohol, there will be moments when you crave that same high you once constantly felt. Listening to music allows you to escape reality and reach a high that will instantly lift your spirits. If you are ever feeling on edge or in a bad mood, practicing music therapy can help guide you to a happier state of mind. There are so many people that rely on music for lifting their spirits and anyone in recovery can find peace knowing that there are ways to relieve stress without turning to drugs or alcohol.

People also gravitate towards music in recovery because the lyrics are relatable and inspirational. Certain lyrics remind people that they are not alone in their struggles with addiction, and it can be very comforting to find this connection. Music is a form of expression that guides people through difficult times, and having this form of motivation is very powerful in the fight against addiction. Supplementing the treatment process with music therapy is extremely beneficial for someone’s overall well-being.

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