Which Professions Have High Rates of Addiction?

Which Professions Have High Rates of Addiction?

While there are a number of reasons why a person forms a substance abuse disorder, it’s important to understand the patterns that are present for a group of individuals dealing with addiction.

There are certain industries where the work environment can be too much to handle and the stress often leads to drug and alcohol use. Working long hours in a physically demanding job can take a toll on one’s mind and body, and people may use drugs as a way to self-medicate. These unhealthy behaviors can turn into a full blown addiction, and it’s crucial that we address the professions that have high rates of addiction in this country. Banyan Treatment Center provides customized programs, and our drug rehab in Illinois can help so many struggling individuals get the treatment they need before heading back to work.

Physically Demanding Professions

Jobs that require physical labor can bring about a different level of stress than other professions. The physical toll of a construction or mining job can cause employees to use drugs and alcohol. The long hours and manual labor can be rough on anybody. After a certain period of time, individuals start to form unhealthy habits to relieve the pain. There are also common workplace injuries that occur in the construction industry that result in the prescription of painkillers. This can have the potential to be very addicting if misused.

Upper Management Professions

People in the position of high power can often abuse drugs when the job becomes too demanding, and the hours seem to never end. Managers can struggle with making sure everything gets completed, and the heavy workload can cause them to breakdown. To stay energized throughout the day, those in upper management may abuse cocaine in order to cope.

Entertainment Industry

Unfortunately, the entertainment industry is filled with substance abuse. Partying with drugs and alcohol is a part of the norm amongst many actors, singers, and entertainers. The lack of sleep and always being in the spotlight can pressure celebrities to constantly act and look perfect. This stress can then turn into an addiction and continue to fuel the Hollywood culture.

If you find that your profession is extremely demanding and you have turned to drugs or alcohol to cope, there is a way out. Contact us today at 888-280-4763 today to learn more about how we can treat any addiction for professionals.

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