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How to Enjoy a Sober Halloween


After getting sober at a drug addiction treatment center, many people have a tough time with their first holidays in sobriety.

Halloween parties often involve drugs and/or alcohol, so staying sober on Halloween can be a challenge for a newly sober individual. There are many triggers around Halloween, but you can overcome these challenges and stay sober on Halloween. At Banyan Treatment Centers, our alumni recovery program and stabilization program work to give patients the support they need for lasting sobriety, even with holiday-specific triggers. The potential of relapse is the scariest part of Halloween, but you can stay sober. Here are tips for staying sober this Halloween.

How to Stay Sober on Halloween

Heading to a holiday party? Whether it’s a costume party or a spooky-themed gathering, there are likely drinks that will be served at the event. Our treatment professionals recommend the following tips to stay sober on Halloween:

  1. Bring the fun. There are plenty of sober Halloween party ideas you can incorporate at your next Halloween party. Consider hosting a costume contest, a scavenger hunt, decorating pumpkins, or enjoy the age-old classic of bobbing for apples. These are all fun and sober Halloween party ideas that everyone can enjoy without needing to drink.
  2. Ditch the party for family time. If the party atmosphere is just too triggering, consider trying other sober Halloween activities. Spend time with your family or take younger family members trick-or-treating. You can also have your very own scary movie marathon, which is a classic favorite sober Halloween activity.
  3. Create your own haunted house. Ready to delight the trick-or-treaters who will be visiting on October 31st? Turn your front yard, entryway, or front patio into your very own haunted house! These types of creative ideas are ideal for staying sober on Halloween by keeping your mind focused on fun, rather than triggers.

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