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Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

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Someone who suffers from substance abuse simultaneously with a mental illness should be properly diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder.

Symptoms of one disorder may be fueling the other and vice versa. It’s important to become aware of customized dual diagnosis treatment and what that includes. Mental health and addiction treatment allow an individual to truly heal and start a new life in recovery and our addiction treatment center in Pompano Beach provides customized treatment for all who suffer. We understand the difficulties of dealing with not only one disorder, but two, and our dual diagnosis treatment can effectively treat both illnesses at the same time. We explain what one can expect during treatment and how individuals can learn to manage their symptoms once treatment is successfully completed.

What a Dual Diagnosis Includes  

Individuals who turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with a mental illness may be dealing with a co-occurring disorder. It’s crucial that someone with signs of two disorders gets a proper diagnosis to ensure effective treatment. Medical experts at an addiction treatment center will be able to medically assess someone who is exhibiting signs of mental illness on top of addiction. Everyone experiences their own unique journey with mental health and addiction and for some, the onset of a mental illness leads to substance abuse. Dealing with depression or anxiety can be extremely debilitating and it is common for people to self-medicate with unhealthy behaviors.

Our treatment professionals are able to develop an individualized treatment plan that will successfully treat both disorders while addressing the patient’s needs and recovery goals. Someone undergoing dual diagnosis treatment will partake in group and individualized therapy to learn from past mistakes and find healthy ways to move forward in recovery.

It’s possible to enter recovery from both diseases and our team Banyan Pompano is here to help people start the process as soon as possible. If you or a loved one is exhibiting signs of both addiction and mental health struggles,contact us at 888-280-4763. Our mental health and addiction treatment services are customized and proven effective.

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