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If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help! Call us today at (855) 722-6926

Ideas for Care Packages for a Loved One in Detox

What to Send to a Loved One in Detox

While your loved one is receiving treatment at an inpatient facility for medical detoxification, they are also receiving considerable support from their staff and peers. Even so, it is always helpful to let your loved one know that you are thinking of them as they are working on their sobriety. If they are in a facility that is far away, or if they are not at a point where they can have visitors, there are still ways to let your loved one know you are thinking of them. Banyan Stuart encourages the practice of sending care packages to your loved ones at our facility and shares some guidelines and ideas to craft the perfect gift. 

Things to Consider Before Sending a Rehab Care Package  

At Banyan Stuart, we offer medical detoxification along with drug and alcohol treatment at our family of facilities. We know that a care package can go a long way, letting your loved one in treatment know that you are thinking of them as they work towards their sobriety. While each facility has its own rules regarding care packages, there are some items that are permitted and can be included in your gift. Before sending it off, call your loved one’s treatment facility to make sure that the items you have included are allowed. 

The last thing anyone wants is to discard or take apart a carefully crafted gift, but there are still rules and regulations to consider when dealing with addiction and rehabilitation. Also, be cognizant of the experience your loved one is going through. While pictures are a wonderful way to show support, make sure that they do not depict potentially triggering material. For example, it may not be the best idea to send a group photo of an event that saw many attendants under the influence. Seeing these images can trigger withdrawals, while tone-deaf gifts like shot glasses will certainly be discarded upon arrival. The main suggestion we have is to use common sense when deciding what to send off to a loved one that is in the middle of detox and addiction treatment. 

What to Send Someone in Rehab  

When building a care package for a loved one in detox, there are a variety of items you may want to include. One of our best suggestions would be to make sure that care packages are personalized to the tastes and needs of the person you are sending them to. That thought and consideration will demonstrate the love and care that you have for the recipient and can be especially helpful in boosting their morale while in treatment. 

Ideas of things that you can send to someone in rehab include:  

  • Books: Uplifting books can be valuable to your loved one in recovery. Self-help books, the Bible, and other inspirational texts can help to keep them occupied throughout detox. You can also send them a journal that they can use to write out their thoughts and experiences while in treatment. 
  • Letters: Recruit family and friends to craft encouragement letters. Receiving a bundle of these writings can be very motivational and help the patient see how many people are rooting for them. 
  • Scented candles and bath products: While a candle can help to brighten up their room, considering their favorite scent for a gift is another amazing way to personalize a care package for rehab. 
  • Comfortable clothing: Sometimes detox can include uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, which is why it is important to help a loved one stay comfortable by sending them loose or breathable clothing. This can include a comfortable t-shirt or sweater, robe, pajamas, or slippers. You can also opt to send workout clothes, giving them the ability to exercise while in treatment. 
  • Reminders of home: Photos of their loved ones, a cuddly stuffed animal, or any other personal memento can let your loved one in detox keep a little piece of home that acts as a source of comfort. 
  • Tasty treats: There is nothing sweeter than getting a box of your favorite candy and snacks. Just remember to consider any dietary restrictions and rules. If sugary sweets are not allowed, opt for filling nuts, dried fruit, and whole-grain snack bars. 
  • Fabulous, framed options: Whether it is a photograph, a small piece of art, or an inspirational quote, small decorative items are a wonderful way to spruce up and personalize one's room while in treatment. 

We encourage you to get creative with your gift ideas and remember that you do not have to break the bank to make a positive impact. It should not be about the price tag of an item but about the meaning attached to it and the thought behind it. 

Why a Care Package for Someone in Rehab or Detox Matters 

Addiction can be an incredibly isolating experience. While each occurrence is unique, the theme of loneliness runs rampant in many people's stories. It drives a wedge into the relationships that the addicted individual has with their partners, children, parents, and friends. It can have a devastating effect not only on the person suffering from it but those around them as well. Therefore, we encourage the affected families of our patients to utilize the support groups available at our Stuart, FL, rehab.  

It is also why the act of creating care packages is so important. These serve as physical and metaphorical reminders that all is not lost and that even in the face of devastation and addiction, love and connection remain triumphant. Having items that grant feelings of comfort can be a wonderful way to balance the many difficult emotions that withdrawal and psychodynamic therapy can bring. It is challenging work, but genuine expressions of care and consideration from loved ones can truly make a difference overall.  

Remember, each facility has specific rules regarding what can be sent in a care package. Call 888-280-4763 to see what can be sent to your loved one as they receive detox and addiction services at the Stuart, Florida, Banyan Treatment Center. 


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