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Signs Someone Has an Addiction

Signs Someone Has an Addiction

Signs Someone Has an Addiction

Studies show that 1 in 10 people struggle with substance abuse, whether they’re struggling with drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs. Certain states and cities have more intense averages with addiction and alcoholism. People of all ages struggle with substance abuse, but our professionals at Banyan Detox Boca are here to help with our Boca drug treatment. Helping a loved one into treatment is the best thing you can do for their recovery. How do you know if someone needs Boca drug treatment? There are some key indicators of an active addiction that may mean your loved one needs help.

Common Signs of Addiction and Alcoholism

With substance abuse on the rise, keeping a watch for common signs of addiction can save a life. Our residential drug treatment in Boca offers detox, treatment, and additional services for recovery. Identifying signs of addiction is the first step in getting someone the treatment they need for recovery. Signs of addiction include:

  • Behavioral & Mood Changes. These changes can include increased irritability, increased secrecy, and lethargy. If someone’s personality has seemed to change overnight, they may have an addiction that requires Boca drug treatment. In teens, additional problematic changes can include new groups of friends or problems at school.
  • Appearance Changes. Drastic weight changes within a short period may be caused by drug or alcohol use. If someone appears constantly exhausted, or if it’s obvious they’re under the influence, they need Boca drug treatment to get sober.
  • Financial Issues. If someone who was once responsible with money is always having troubles, substance abuse may have begun. This is especially true when teens are caught stealing money, which they may use to fuel their habits. Our detox in Boca can help teens, young adults, adults, and older adults get sober.
  • Health Issues. When a normally healthy person suddenly faces constant sickness, such as a cold that won’t go away, their body may be facing other challenges. Many withdrawal symptoms can present as a common cold, which forces users to continue abusing drugs as they try to avoid withdrawals. Our IOP rehab in Boca can help break the cycle.
  • Physical Evidence. There are additional signs that someone is dealing with drug or alcohol abuse, including physical signs. This may include track marks, a flushed appearance, bruising, or other signs of substance abuse. Finding paraphernalia, such as baggies, pipes, or needles, means your loved one needs detox programs in Boca ASAP.

When you spot signs of addiction in a friend, family member, coworker, or loved one, you can help change their life by connecting them with resources for residential drug treatment in Boca. At Banyan Detox Boca, we provide detox programs in Boca geared towards patient success. From detox to residential treatment and beyond, we support patient recovery. Call 888-280-4763 to learn how you can help a loved one get and stay sober.

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