Workplace Performance and Signs of Addiction

Workplace Performance and Signs of Addiction

Many employers don’t want to believe that their employees are showing up to work intoxicated; however, addiction in the workplace is more common than you think.

According to SAMHSA, 68.9% of the estimated 22.4 million illicit drug users, ages 18 or older, are employed full or part-time. There is a high likelihood that addiction is being brought into the workplace, which can cause serious problems for an entire company. It’s important to spot addiction early on so that the addicted individual can get the help they deserve, and the company does not have to suffer with low work performance and productivity. Work morale and communication can be compromised when one employee is struggling with substance abuse. As an employer, there are ways to watch out for this before it’s too late. Banyan Treatment Center provides customized addiction treatment programs in Pompano Beach and we explain the signs of addiction in the workplace and how to handle it.

If you suspect that an employee is dealing with a substance abuse problem, these may be clear signs to look out for:

  • Frequent tardiness and unexpected absences from work
  • Work responsibilities and tasks are not getting completed within deadlines
  • Other employees are coming to express concern
  • Long lunch breaks and excessive breaks during the day that are secretive
  • Regular mood changes and outbursts at other employees


If substance abuse is present during work, this can be a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Workplace injuries and potential fatalities can result, and the entire company can be affected if this were to be the case. Banyan suggests sitting down with your employee and expressing your concern for them. Get down to the bottom of the issue and offer support and guidance. The sooner this individual receives treatment, the sooner the company can get back on track. Personal growth should be a main concern during treatment. Once this is accomplished, this person can remain an asset to the company. If you are concerned that your employee may be suffering from addiction, don’t waste any time. Contact Banyan Treatment Center today at 888-280-4763 to learn more about our industry-specific addiction treatment programs in Pompano Beach today.

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