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September is National Recovery Month


National Recovery Month is held every September to raise addiction awareness and to celebrate the successes of those in recovery according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Throughout September, awareness is raised to help people understand that through treatment, you can live a happy and healthy lifestyle in recovery. It’s crucial to bring this issue to the forefront. People who are battling this disease need to know that they do not have fight alone and are able to access effective treatment.

What to Expect This Month

With the opioid crisis continuing to grow in this country, it’s so important that we show those struggling that help is available and accessible. Addiction can completely take over and you lose all control you once had. Before it’s too late, you can receive treatment and fully recover from the pain and suffering.

This is also a month filled with celebration for those who have overcome substance abuse, and a time to acknowledge all the hard work and life improvements that have been made. National Recovery Month promotes the positive message that you too can get to the point of long-term recovery, just like so many individuals have accomplished in the past. Banyan Treatment Center celebrates the perseverance of our patients throughout each and every journey, and we are here to help all individuals no matter what addiction is present.

This month we encourage you to reach out to our team if your loved one is struggling with substance abuse. Our addiction treatment services can save lives, and it’s time to begin the recovery journey. If you have a loved one currently in recovery, acknowledge their hard work this month and remind them of how far they’ve come.


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