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A Typical Day in IOP


Following the continuum of treatment care, patients enter intensive outpatient programs (IOP) after completing partial hospitalization care.

IOP is a less intensive treatment when compared to PHP, but it’s still very structured overall. Each patient’s specific day in IOP will vary depending on their treatment needs, but there are general formats for IOP that can be found across the board. Here is what you can expect when participating in our intensive outpatient program in Massachusetts.

The Phases of IOP

Our intensive outpatient program follows several phases of treatment. In the first phase, patients attend IOP treatment five days a week, focusing on group therapy. In the second phase, the patient obtains employment while still receiving IOP treatment. In this phase, patients attend group three times a week. Generally, their sessions focus on relapse prevention and maintenance of responsible lifestyles. In both phases, patients also continue to work with clinicians individually each week.

A Typical Day in IOP

Our intensive outpatient program in Massachusetts is designed to allow for patients to pursue interests or employment out of the treatment setting while still taking great strides towards their recovery. A typical day in IOP starts with group therapy, and then moves on to individual counseling with weekly meetings. After completing daily IOP therapies, patients are able to go to meetings of their own choice, volunteer, or pursue their employment.

What Happens After IOP?

IOP is a step along our continuum of care, and it can be followed by OP or completion of the program. Following IOP, patients will meet with a clinician to determine their next step of treatment. Contact our team at Banyan Treatment Center Massachusetts to learn more about IOP in Massachusetts. Call us at 888-280-4763.


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