The Importance and Benefits of Alumni Programs

The Importance and Benefits of Alumni Programs

Part of finding sobriety involves breaking free from social circles in which addiction was active.

This means making new friends who are sober and support your sober lifestyle. At Banyan Treatment Center Pompano Beach, our alumni recovery program helps newly sober individuals connect with a support system of sober friends. Our relapse prevention programs include alumni support to solidify sobriety. After completing drug, alcohol, or narcotics rehab, men and women can benefit from alumni support.

Peer Support for Relapse Prevention

Whether a person has been sober 10 days or 10 years, relapse is always a danger. This is because the underlying emotional and mental factors of addiction can boil up. This doesn’t mean that a person should live in fear of relapse. Instead, they should realize their power to avoid a relapse through personal monitoring of thoughts, feelings, and internal cues. Developing the skillset to do this starts with alumni support. Our alumni programs give men and women the guidance they need to work sobriety into the fabric of their lives through peer support and guided growth.

Bringing Friends and Fun to Sobriety

After completing drug, alcohol, or narcotics rehab, many patients aren’t sure how to transition into everyday life. Our alumni programs can help. Building a network of sober friends doesn’t have to be a challenge. With our alumni program, all alumni are friends in recovery. Our alumni enjoy a wide variety of fun, sober activities, including:

  • Volleyball
  • Paintball
  • Barbecues
  • Water Parks
  • Bowling
  • & More!

At our alumni gatherings, sobriety and fun go hand in hand! Alumni support is one of the best relapse prevention programs out there, as alumni members are always connected to support one another. According to recent studies, peer support makes all the difference in sustained sobriety.


Our alumni programs provide men and women with the support they need to keep up with successful sobriety. Call 888-280-4763 to learn more about our alumni support programs.

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