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The Importance of Stabilization after Relapse

Completing addiction treatment is a milestone in one’s life and a point in time that reflects all the hard work that was accomplished to reach sobriety.

Long-term recovery is a practice that takes constant maintenance and patience. There will be challenging situations that can test your sobriety and strength ahead. Mistakes happen all the time in life. It’s how you overcome these mistakes and react that truly matters. If you have relapsed after obtaining sobriety, there is still hope to get back on track. This mistake does not define you. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Philadelphia provides a stabilization program for situations just like this. A treatment program that is designed to get you back on track is important for those who have relapsed in recovery journey.

What to Do after Relapse

A relapse is a setback and not a failure. This is important to keep in mind so that you don’t go back to that dark place that you were once in during active addiction. This minor lapse in judgement can be repaired and a stabilization program is specifically tailored to those who have relapsed. Learning how to work through a relapse requires individualized therapy and getting down to the root of this action. Entering a stabilization program immediately after relapse has occurred will be the best route to take so that you can avoid relapses in the future. This program will properly assess all individuals after relapse and decide exactly how this individual should move forward for successful recovery.

How to Get Back on Track

During stabilization you will learn exactly what your triggers are and how to avoid situations that could turn into unwanted drug or alcohol cravings. Moving forward, you will know exactly how to handle tough situations so that the same outcome does not occur. Everyone experiences their own journey when it comes to addiction treatment, and finding individualized care will be your best option for maintaining sobriety.



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