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How to Build a Support System After Finishing Rehab

How to Build a Support System After Finishing Rehab
When it comes to finding sobriety, there are many tools that can make the journey of recovery much easier.

Medically monitored detox, therapy, and counseling are only pieces of the puzzle. Support is one of the biggest elements of sobriety, both in early and long-term recovery. At Banyan Detox Boca Raton, we know that support is crucial at every step. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Boca is a supportive environment that allows for successful sobriety. However, it is important to find support even after you have finished working with a treatment program.

Building a Support System in Recovery

After completing inpatient treatment at a drug and alcohol treatment center in Boca, many people transition back into everyday life with their newfound sobriety. This transition doesn’t have to be challenging. There are options such as IOP, which allow patients to transition back into sober living while receiving support in an outpatient setting. But after completing inpatient or outpatient treatment, patients need additional support in their early recovery.

Building a Support System After Finishing Treatment

Once patients have completed all levels of inpatient and outpatient treatment, it is still important to connect with support systems for recovery. After all, support systems make all the difference in the early days of adjusting back to everyday life post-treatment. Heading back into old spaces, social circles, or cities where an addiction was active can be triggering. Consider reaching out to support resources such as:

  • Alumni Recovery Programs
  • Meetings
  • AA & NA
  • Your Sponsor
  • Therapists
  • Friends & Family

Don’t just choose one support system, consider multiple resources of support for your recovery. This way, you can connect with the right resources for your recovery. You can join local programs and connect with our Alumni Program to start your support system. Other options include networking with other sober people or attending religious social events that encourage sobriety.


It’s important to stay active in your sobriety, even after completing inpatient or outpatient treatment. Reach out to our team at Banyan Detox Boca Raton for more recovery tips. Call 888-280-4763 today, we can help.

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