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Five Ideas for Sober Summer Fun


Five Ideas for Sober Summer Fun

Memorial Day is almost here, which means that summer is about to officially kick off. For those in early recovery this may pose the question “What can I do to have fun this summer without a drink or a drug?”

One of the most common fears in newly-sober individuals is that life will be “boring,” when actually, being sober enables you to better appreciate the little things in life. You’ll have a clear mind, be present in the moment, and remember everything great that happened when you enjoy your summer sober. See below for five things you can do this summer to enjoy some sober fun:

  1. Have a party: Yes, that’s right, a party. If you’re in early recovery this might make you laugh. A summer party without alcohol? Yes. Get together with a bunch of sober friends and have a cook out or a pool party. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you have. Being sober enables you to better appreciate what’s going on around you, without waking up and wondering where your car keys went.
  2. Travel: Now that drugs and alcohol aren’t burning a hole in your pocket, you may find yourself with some extra cash. Why not put it towards creating an experience- a lasting memory that you’ll actually remember. Even if you don’t have a ton of extra cash you can plan a day trip somewhere. See if there are any botanical gardens, hiking trails or other fun and free locations in your area. As always, make a day of it with sober friends.
  3. Cool off: As the summer heat takes hold, you’ll need to find some shade or relief in the water. Take a dip in the pool or take a trip to the beach. Water parks, lakes and rivers are all great places to adventure to in the summer. Kayak, go rafting or tubing, or relax by the pool. You’ll be able to take in the scenery and enjoy the time spent relaxing. For a nightlife twist, try swimming at night with a bunch of friends and Glowsticks. It’s pretty cool.
  4. Create a summer reading list: It might take you back to your middle school years, but summer reading is great for adults too. Taking the time to sit somewhere quiet and get lost in a good book promotes relaxation. It can also lead to a sense of accomplishment when you cross a book off the list. Visit your local library, where you can borrow books for free.
  5. Catch a meteor shower: Nothing compares to laying out and watching the night sky, and this summer there are some stellar events (literally) you should be sure not to miss. The Delta Aquariids meteor shower at the end of July, and the Perseids meteor shower in mid-August will send stars shooting through the sky, with peak numbers of one shooting star per minute. The best part: it’s free and you can make some wishes!

Summer doesn’t have to be boring now that you’re building a new sober lifestyle. You don’t have to stay locked in the house, with nothing to do. In fact, there are so many activities that are actually better in sobriety, and many that you probably never got the chance to do or fully appreciate when you were using. So, make a sober summer bucket list! Put as many things on it as you can, and have fun while you check them off! And don’t keep all the fun to yourself; include as many sober friends as possible. If you’ve recently completed a program at Banyan Treatment Centers, be sure to keep in touch with our Alumni Services department. There are alumni events throughout the summer that bring those in early recovery together, so you can build a strong foundation while enjoying new sober friendships.

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