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How to Overcome an Alcohol Addiction


Help for Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

Successfully completing drug and alcohol treatment is a huge milestone. It’s a moment that represents perseverance and hard work.

Alcoholism is a widespread epidemic that impacts the lives of so many individuals and their loved ones on a daily basis. Often times, those who are addicted to alcohol do not even realize they have a problem and are in denial when it comes to their drinking. An intervention may be needed to help this individual realize that addiction is present and that they need professional help to overcome it. Once you are ready to take this step and get the help you truly need, you are so much closer to a healthier life. You can overcome an alcohol addiction with professional care and treatment as well as the desire to change your behaviors. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Philadelphia understands the importance of individualized care when treating an alcohol addiction.


Recovery is a gradual process. It’s not as easy as deciding to put down the drink for good one day. An alcoholic will experience withdrawals when they stop drinking, and sometimes medical care is needed to effectively detox one’s body from the toxins. After detox is successfully completed, a treatment program, such as partial hospitalization care or an IOP program, will guide an individual through recovery to help them get sober and stay sober.

Individualized Treatment Program

A PHP or IOP program combines the clinical approach to alcohol treatment with unique therapy that’s individualized to meet the needs of each person struggling. During treatment, patients can expect to learn relapse prevention techniques, as well as learn effective coping skills that will be beneficial once they transition back into everyday life. A customized treatment program allows individuals to identify triggers and learn the skills needed to maintain ongoing sobriety.


Alcoholism can be successfully treated with medical care and support from a drug and alcohol treatment center. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism, get the help you need today. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Philadelphia can help you regain control call us at 888-280-4763.

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