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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Opiate Addiction

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Opiate Addiction

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Treating Opiate Addiction

There are many different factors that influence opiate addiction, including emotional challenges that are beyond the physical components of addiction.

For many patients, negative thought patterns, depression, or other issues feed into opiate addiction. At Banyan Detox Center, we offer drug and alcohol treatment in Stuart to help people find sobriety. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is one method for successfully treating the complex components of opiate addiction. It can also help treat dual diagnosis disorders, enabling patients to find health and sobriety.

How DBT Works

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy was developed to help patients form a life that they want to live. During a DBT session, the patient and therapist work together to develop goals for the patient. There are five aspects that work in conjunction for DBT, including:

  1. Skills Training
  2. Psychotherapy for Motivation
  3. Moment-Focused Coaching for Generalization
  4. Case Management to Structure the Environment
  5. DBT Consulting

Think of each step like a step in a recipe, all building toward the desired outcome. DBT helps patients learn new behaviors, thought patterns, and responses to a variety of situations both good and bad. The key is to help patients develop the skills they need to properly manage their emotions and responses. This is especially powerful for treating opioid addiction, as DBT puts the power of recovery in the hands of each patient.

How DBT Treats Opiate Addiction

At Banyan Detox Center, we offer a variety of personalized treatments for substance abuse in Florida. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is one component of these treatments. Offered in inpatient our outpatient settings, DBT is key in helping many people overcome opiate addiction. DBT focuses on mindfulness, emotional regulation, and stress responses. These factors all play a role in getting and staying sober. With DBT, patients learn how to better regulate their response to stress, and they also develop mindfulness skills.

DBT is one of our many approaches to drug and alcohol treatment in Stuart. If you are dealing with opiate addiction, or if you have a loved one who needs help getting sober, DBT may be the key. Contact our team at Banyan Detox Center today to learn more about the benefits of DBT and its treatment methods. Call 888-280-4763 to learn more about how DBT can help you or a loved one.


If you are struggling with alcohol, or if a loved one has a drinking problem. Call our drug and alcohol detox center in Stuart today at 888-280-4763 to get started.

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