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Five Examples of Celebrity Mental Illness and How They Manage 


Just like addiction, mental illness does not discriminate. Famous or not famous, rich, or poor, male, or female, black or white, anyone can find their mental health to be a struggle for a myriad of reasons. While some instances are biological, others can be triggered by external events that are out of our control. Regardless of the reason, everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life, free from the shackles of untreated disorders. Our Banyan Treatment Center locations are looking at five instances of celebrity mental illness and how these individuals took the steps necessary to overcome their personal struggles. 

1. Mariah Carey  

She wowed millions of adoring fans back when Mariah was the high-pitched bombshell in the 1990s, with hit songs like “Always Be My Baby,” “One Sweet Day,” and “Fantasy,” to name a few. Mariah has not always been open about her mental health until a recent, exclusive interview with People’s Editor-in-Chief Jess Cagle. Mariah opened up for the first time about her struggle with bipolar disorder.1  

“Until recently, I lived in denial and isolation and in constant fear someone would expose me,” she explained. “It was too heavy a burden to carry, and I simply could not do that anymore. I sought and received treatment, I put positive people around me, and I got back to doing what I love — writing songs and making music.” 

Many people struggle with her experience daily. The stigma surrounding mental illness is one that not only influences people to live in denial but can also hold them back from getting the professional help that could change their lives for the better. 

2. Shawn Mendes 

We know Shawn as the handsome and talented singer who recently came to fame with his hits like “Mercy,” “Life of the Party,” and “Never Be Alone.” In a recent interview, Shawn said, “I knew people who had suffered from anxiety and found it hard to understand, but then when it hits you, you are like, ‘Oh my God, what is this? This is crazy.2 The star says he never struggled as a kid, but depression crept in later in his life.  

The presence of mental health stigma in males is not an uncommon occurrence, but courageous public figures like Shawn help to shine a light on this. No one should be ashamed that they have a mental illness, and we would all do well to remember that quite literally anyone can be affected.  

3. Catherine Zeta-Jones 

The beautiful British actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones, has had some tough years, from her husband’s cancer to her own very public battle with bipolar disorder. While the couple was fighting Michael Douglas’s cancer, Zeta-Jones was facing her very own battle with bipolar disorder. 

When the tabloid press revealed Catherine was seeking medical help in 2011, the actress issued a statement clarifying her condition. She said, “[Bipolar] is something I have been dealing with for a long time. When you get sideswiped like that [with Douglas’s illness], it is an obvious trigger for your balance to be a little bit off – not sleeping, worrying, stress. It is a classic trigger.”3 

According to the Telegraph, “Catherine’s openness has been applauded by charities for helping to change the perception of mental illness in society. Bipolar disorder is something Zeta-Jones will deal with for the rest of her life, and in April, she checked herself into hospital for treatment – something she plans to do regularly, as part of her quest to stay healthy.” 

4. Bella Hadid 

This fashion model is not shy when it comes to the cameras or myriads of magazine covers. And Bella is not shy about her struggles with anxiety, either. While stopping by to meet with a group of aspiring models for Lifetime’s series, Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid, Hadid opened up about her experience with anxiety. “Believe me, I get it, and I understand it,” she admitted when one of the contestants, Makenzie, revealed she struggles with social anxiety disorder. “I was totally there. My sister [Gigi Hadid] is very bubbly and very out there, and I was always very reserved. I would literally start crying and shaking if I had to do interviews at red-carpet events. It was really nerve-racking, and it’s scary, and it’s not only you.” 

“It gets a lot better once you have to talk to people every day,” she added. “Then you’re like, ‘Okay, I guess it’s my job. I have to do it!’”   

Bella is one of many celebs with social anxiety, and her candidness about her experience helps to shed light on the fact that many of the personal struggles we live with will not go away simply with the presence of fame and fortune. It takes a much deeper approach to look for those solutions within and through the people around you. 

5. Scott Stapp 

Creed frontman Scott Stapp recently revealed he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. According to People magazine, in 2017, Stapp made headlines for his alcohol and drug addiction and erratic behavior. "In my delusional thinking, I thought my family was involved in ISIS, and that millions of dollars had been taken from me to support terrorism," he told People magazine. "All of it was nonsense. I was out of my mind." Stapp was admitted into an intensive program in a dual diagnostic facility where he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. "It was hard to process," he says. "There's a stigma associated with it. But Jaclyn [Stapp's wife] kept telling me, 'Embrace it. We love you.' It became a big sigh of relief because, finally, we had an answer." 

Now in intensive therapy, Stapp takes medication for his disorder and is also involved in a 12-step program. "Nothing is more important than my sobriety," he says.4 

For those also struggling with similar co-occurring disorders, Banyan’s addiction treatment centers offer dual diagnosis rehab programs that can help to comprehensively address the presence of multiple disorders. We also offer a variety of mental health programs that can help to treat the symptoms that block you from living the life you deserve.  

Celebrity mental illness and addiction should serve as a reminder that no matter how much money or notoriety you possess, we are all still human at the end of the day. These are the people whose voices we often hear the loudest, and it is extremely beneficial when they take it a step further by giving everyday people someone they can identify with.  

If you are suffering from mental health disorders, contact any of our Banyan rehab locations today at 888-280-4763. We can help! 




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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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