The Importance of Family Therapy During Addiction Recovery

The Importance of Family Therapy During Addiction Recovery

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Is Family Therapy Important During Addiction Recovery?

Addicted individuals going through recovery know how difficult and fragile the treatment process can be for them.

It is important to understand that family members and close friends may also be suffering during this time, and everyone needs to come together and heal during the addiction recovery process. Family therapy during addiction recovery is a vital component to long-term sobriety. It is a great way to rebuild healthy relationships and strengthen communication skills. The professionals at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Philadelphia understand the significance of family therapy during addiction recovery and we explain the many benefits this therapy approach offers.

Family Therapy Benefits

During family therapy, the addicted individual and loved ones will focus on defining family roles, identifying how addiction is present in the family unit, and learning how to forgive and move forward. Family members will understand and identify the difference between enabling versus helping during family therapy. They will get a chance to voice how addiction has personally affected them. It is important that each member gets the opportunity to share how they feel so that communication during the recovery process is completely transparent. Each family member and the patient is encouraged to share on issues they are facing or things they wish to work on in a judgment-free setting, as a therapist leads the discussion.

Long-Term Recovery

Family therapy helps to regain trust and strengthen the family unit as a whole. Addiction can cause separation and dishonesty amongst loved ones, and it may be hard for family members to move past the deception. Ultimately, every individual needs the time to heal before they can move forward, and family therapy is the right platform for this to take place.


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