Fentanyl Addiction Signs and Warnings

Fentanyl Addiction Signs and Warnings

Signs and Warnings of Fentanyl Addiction

First utilized in a medical setting for pain relief and combination use with anesthesia, fentanyl is an opioid which is incredibly powerful and dangerous.

As with any other opioid, fentanyl is extremely addictive. At Banyan Detox Center, we offer drug and alcohol treatment in Stuart for fentanyl addiction and other challenges. If you or someone you know needs to break free from fentanyl, it’s time to reach out for help.

The Prevalence of Fentanyl

Fentanyl isn’t just distributed on its own. It is typically laced into many illicit drugs, such as heroin, pills, and even cocaine. This is because fentanyl is often cheaper for illegal drug makers to manufacture, meaning that it’s cut into more and more drugs to increase profit margins from illegal drug sales. Using fentanyl in these drugs puts users in grave danger. Fentanyl cutting has led to an increase in the number of accidental overdose deaths seen in this country. Thus, even if you’re not using fentanyl directly, it may be present in the drugs you’re using.

Signs of Fentanyl Addiction

As with any other opioid, fentanyl addiction can happen quickly. As tolerances to the chemicals build, higher and more frequent doses are needed just to feel the same effects. Signs of fentanyl addiction include:

  • Needing higher opioid doses for the same effects
  • Using more frequently just to feel normal
  • Focusing on getting your next fix
  • Withdrawal symptoms between use
  • Missing work or school due to drug abuse
  • Increased irritability
  • Lethargy or sleepiness
  • Extreme weight changes

These are a few of the warning signs and symptoms of fentanyl addiction. If you’re struggling with fentanyl or other opioid addiction problems, let our team at Banyan Detox Center help make sobriety happen. Our drug and alcohol detox centers in Stuart can help you or someone you love overcome fentanyl addiction and other challenges.

How Treatment for Fentanyl Addiction Works

Getting sober starts by reaching out for help. Our professionals at Banyan Detox Center can help you or someone you love to break free from fentanyl’s grips. Treatment includes individual therapy, group therapy, art therapy, and even yoga. There are many mental, emotional, and physical factors which contribute to fentanyl addiction. Effective treatment involves comprehensive handling for every aspect of addiction or drug abuse.


Our treatment team at Banyan Detox Center can help you heal. Call us today to get started. Call us today at 888-280-4763.

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