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How to Set Up an Intervention

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How to Set Up an Intervention

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious disease that requires the proper care and support to overcome. Oftentimes, individuals do not recognize that they have a problem, and it gets to the point where their loved ones need to step in to intervene. An intervention is a meeting that takes place when an individual is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, and family members or loved ones gather around to encourage the individual to seek help through a treatment center or therapy. There is a proper way to go about this meeting because you don’t want the addicted individual to feel isolated and hurt. This meeting is not meant to attack the individual suffering, but to help them understand that they truly need help and change in their life. Banyan Treatment Center Massachusetts shares with you how to set up an intervention for a loved one that needs help immediately.

It’s important to establish a plan before moving forward with an intervention. The potential outcome of this meeting can be negative, especially if the addicted individual is in denial about their problems. You should consult with an addiction intervention specialist before moving forward so that they can assist you with how to handle this situation properly.

Gather friends and family members who are concerned and want to truly help this person overcome the addiction. This group should gather facts and information that point to serious signs of addiction so that they can help the struggling individual visualize their issues and realize that they need help.

Coming from a place of love means showing this person that their behaviors have seriously impacted their well-being as well as the lives of their loved ones surrounding them. Each member must clearly state their concerns as well as offer support. It’s crucial that this meeting is well thought out and planned in advance in order to prepare for negative outcomes. You must take the time to find ways to clearly communicate why this person needs help.


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