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Mental Health Program at Banyan


Mental Health Program at Banyan

Banyan Treatment Centers opened their first mental health program in November 2017 at their Boca Raton facility located across from Florida Atlantic University.

Having recently opened its doors in early 2017, Banyan's Boca facility has been consistently full offering detoxification and residential levels of care for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The newly renovated two story facility has 54 beds, a cafeteria, lounge areas, recreation rooms, 24-hour nursing and security, and amenities to help patients enjoy the comforts of home while they are receiving care. Now, with their mental health license administered through the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA), Banyan can offer mental health treatment for adult men and women. Banyan obtained licensure having met the highest quality standards of care set by AHCA; a license only a handful of facilities hold in Palm Beach County.

With five locations across the country, Banyan Treatment Center stands as a leader in providing growth through recovery by offering their clients all levels of care which are detoxification, residential, partial hospitalization program, stabilization, intensive outpatient services, alumni program and now mental health program. The reason for Banyan’s expansion of mental health services, particularly for the population of people who suffer from mood and thoughts disorders, comes from a dire need in the community. Mental health treatment at the residential level of care is needed and not many centers offer this in Boca Raton and the surrounding communities. Banyan offers safe and secure housing where patients live at the center where their treatment takes place. For this particular population of people struggling with bi-polar, schizophrenia, severe depression and anxiety, and schizoaffective disorders, it is imperative that their mental health program be at the inpatient level of care.

Rob Cole is the Clinical Director of Mental Health services and brings many years of experience to Banyan where he has worked with hundreds of patients and their families. He successfully implemented similar programs around the community. Now at Banyan, he will oversee the mental health program and bring his knowledge and experience to the team. Rob says, "We will create a one patient per four staff ratio. Our patients will usually stay for thirty days, but we would like to keep them longer as we know longer term care generates better outcomes."

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health disorders, please call our drug and alcohol treatment center at 888-280-4763.



Ilana mekler
Ilana mekler
Ilana was born in Valhalla, New York and lived the first 11 years of her life in New Rochelle, NY before relocating to Boca Raton, FL. While she’s not in recovery, being in the addiction field, currently, has opened her eyes and her mind to addiction and truly see why this field is so important. Ilana received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication studies from Florida Gulf Coast University and has a background in social media with experience in writing. As the social media specialist here at Banyan, she’s passionate about what she does because it allows her to experience what goes on behind the scenes in social media and being able to connect with others. Her favorite part of her job is knowing that in some way, she’s giving others the platform to reach out to get help for their own struggles.

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