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Signs a Loved One is Struggling with Alcoholism


Signs a Loved One is Struggling with Alcoholism

Top Signs of Alcoholism

If you suspect a loved one may be struggling with alcoholism, there are many important signs to look out for. While some of these signs may be obvious, others may be more discrete, and it is important to recognize them in order to help them get help. The effects of untreated alcoholism are dangerous and potentially life-threatening. Alcoholism is a disease that affects not only the user, but loved ones as well. At Banyan Treatment Center in Massachusetts, we want to make you aware of the top signs of alcohol abuse so that treatment can be sought out as soon as possible.

The top signs and symptoms of alcoholism include:

  • Temporary blackouts or short-term memory loss from excessive drinking
  • Extreme mood swings and feelings of irritability
  • Choosing to drink instead of completing obligations and other responsibilities
  • Drinking alone or away from friends and family
  • Getting in trouble with the law for alcohol-related issues
  • Experiencing withdrawal from drinking
  • While there are other warning signs, these are the top ones to look out for if you believe a friend or a family member may have a serious drinking problem. It’s important to note that if more than one of these signs become recurring, there could be an issue. If you are abusing alcohol, the effects can start to take a toll on your daily life. A healthy and sober lifestyle is possible with the help of drug and alcohol treatment.


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