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Managing Your Addiction Cravings

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Managing Your Addiction Cravings

Successfully completing drug or alcohol addiction treatment is a huge accomplishment that all recovering addicts should take pride in. While many people feel the hard part is over, recovery is an on-going process that takes strength and preparedness for what’s to come in a healthy and sober life. At times, there will be pressures and cravings you will have to learn to overcome, and at Banyan Chicago, we are here to help you through life’s challenges every step of the way. We share the best tips for how to manage your addiction cravings throughout your recovery.

Healthy Distractions

If you are having trouble managing your addiction cravings, we suggest that you redirect your attention to something more healthy and positive. These distractions will allow you to stop focusing on negative thoughts and to stay away from potentially dangerous situations. If you feel a sudden urge to use again, you can walk away from the current situation and engage in a different activity, such as a bike ride or a walk to collect your thoughts. Changing up the scenery will make for a healthy distraction and pull you away from the negative craving. Another healthy distraction is to call a loved one, your sponsor or your therapist to talk it out, and explain your thoughts and feelings.


Stress and anxiety are huge triggers for addiction cravings during recovery. It is important to step back from the situation and take a moment to breathe. When you start to feel overwhelmed, you should utilize relaxation techniques you learned during your addiction therapy program, such as meditation to avoid going down the wrong path. We suggest taking a few minutes before you start your day to meditate and take time for yourself. These exercises will alleviate stress and ultimately help to diminish cravings.

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Stress and anxiety are huge triggers for addiction cravings during recovery.


Journal your Thoughts

Writing down your thoughts and emotions on paper is extremely therapeutic and helpful during the recovery process. You will be able to look back and examine your journey with the high and low times, and see the progress you were able to make thus far. Taking the time to journal as often as you can is an effective way to manage your addiction cravings, take note of what triggers them, and be able to effectively come up with a plan to avoid giving into them.

Recovery doesn’t just end with treatment. Your sobriety is an ongoing process that must be managed daily. Banyan Treatment Center Chicago is here to help you fight the battle not only while you are going through addiction treatment, but also throughout addiction recovery long after you leave our facility. Contact us today for more information.


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