If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help! Call us today at (855) 722-6926
If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help! Call us today at (855) 722-6926

Banyan Levels of Care

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At Banyan Treatment Center we stand as a leader in providing Growth through Recovery by offering all levels of care for our clients.

Addiction is such a complex disease, there is no one set cure. Recovery is a process that starts with a detoxification and goes on for the rest of your life. If you follow the graph below, you will see the four levels of care most of our clients go through while receiving drug and alcohol addiction treatment from Banyan Treatment Center. As you follow the graph, you will step down through each course of our treatment continuum. At Banyan Treatment Center we believe each client is truly unique and therefore each program is customized, so lengths of stay can vary, but this summarizes it as accurately as possible.

The first level of care is Detox.

We offer a full medical detox, so whatever substance you are addicted to, whether it be xanax, alcohol or opiates, we can medically detox you safely and comfortably.

In detox you are in a live-in setting monitored 24 hours a day by certified medical and therapeutic professionals. At Banyan, we understand what a fragile time detox can be, we know the individual will be experiencing feelings of discomfort, and how draining it can be, physically and emotionally. We believe in treating all aspects of the individual- mind, body and spirit. During the detox, not only will you have medical care, but also therapy to manage the unstable emotions that come from the withdrawal process.

After an average of four to seven day of a detox,

You move onto the next level of care which is known as Residential.

Residential at Banyan Treatment Center is a live-in setting as well. You will have 24 hour medical services available while transitioning from the detox into a more relaxed treatment setting with what we refer to as Residential

In this transitional level, addiction treatment is the only focus, you will be staying on-site most of the time where you can choose from a variety of groups to attend. Groups are held daily, and treatment includes weekly individual therapeutic sessions with your personal therapist.

Our Partial Hospitalization is the next step down after Residential.

In PHP you would live in an apartment-like setting, and each day receive transportation to our clinical facility. Your treatment plan at this level of care will be customized to your individual needs. Groups are held daily and you will still be meeting with a personal therapist weekly. Groups are smaller and more intimate, we also offer gender specific groups to get into core issues.

In PHP you can participate in other services such as chiropractic sessions and the Biofeedback Serenity Bed. These services are included in your customized treatment plan for anxiety issues, pain management, and have many other therapeutic benefits. During PHP you also have access to an excellent medical staff who can assist with any medical services that may be needed. PHP at Banyan lasts anywhere from 30-45 days and is typically eight hours of clinical services per day, PHP is also known as Day Treatment.

Once you have completed your Partial Hospitalization Program,

One of the lasts levels of intensive addiction treatment we offer is our Intensive Outpatient Program.

IOP is focused on moving the external structure of our PHP program into an internal structure clients can follow on their own. We provide all the same therapeutic services, just for a little less time each day.

There are two phases in our IOP program at Banyan. In the first phase, you will attend five days of group each week. Phase two occurs when you obtain employment. When this happens you will be required to attend a minimum of three days a week. Groups are still held daily while the clinical program centers around integrating clients into the larger recovery community locally. Client groups at this level of care are focused around relapse prevention and developing responsible behaviors and coping skills to transition to life in normal society. Our Intensive Outpatient Program can last anywhere from 30 to 60+ days depending on your individualized addiction treatment plan.

All of our levels of care and drug treatment programs are designed to address each and every need of our clients.

To learn more about any of our levels of care or to see which treatment plan will treat your specific drug addiction, call us now: (888) 280-4763. At Banyan Treatment Center, we are here to help.

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