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Rumors of Palm Beach County Possibly Suing Drug Companies


Rumors of Palm Beach County Possibly Suing Drug Companies

The drug problem sweeping our nation is the epidemic of our generation. Each and every week the headlines are heartbreaking. Overdoses have reached all-time highs and it seems like there is no end in sight.

With Delray Beach being the recovery capital of the nation, the opioid epidemic hits our county hard. According to the city’s Mayor, Cary Glickstein, the city spent over $3 million responding to over 1,500 overdose calls.

The idea behind the lawsuit is that if tobacco companies paid out for their deceptive marketing practices back in 1998, this opioid crisis is just as bad if not worse. Palm Beach County as a whole responded to almost 5,000 overdose calls and the money allocated from the lawsuit would go to efforts trying to lower the overdose death toll.

If Palm Beach County and Delray Beach as a city do decide to move towards filing legal action against drug companies, they will be joining Attorneys General in Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma and at least two-dozen other states.  Source: Sun Sentinel

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