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Addiction is a Family Disease

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Here at Banyan Treatment Center, we recognize that addiction is a family disease.

What this means is that the stability, unity, and emotional wellness of the family relationships during active addiction are constantly being challenged, damaged, or sometimes broken beyond the hope of repair. When our loved ones finally decide to seek help, a glimmer of hope reappears but the pain of the past and the fear of the future remain present in our hearts. Banyan wants to help both our clients and their families heal together, as one, in order to foster that hope, heal that pain, and ease that fear.

On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, we provide our client’s families with the opportunity to be involved in their loved one’s treatment and recovery process by providing phone and in-person peer support and family therapy.

But the newest addition to our suite of family services is the most exciting one yet: Banyan is proud to announce that we will be hosting our 1st Family Weekend Program on May 6th and 7th, 2017. Our Family Weekend Program will take place at the Doubletree Hotel in Deerfield Beach, Florida, where you, the families, will participate in a 2-day intensive program during which you will be able to:

  • Gain a better understanding of Banyan Treatment Center’s mission as an agent of change
  • Be provided with psychoeducation on the disease of addiction and co-occurring mental health issues
  • Be able to recognize how family dynamics play a role in addiction and learn how to establish healthy boundaries
  • Identify how spirituality can be used as a conduit to long-term recovery
  • Learn more about community peer support resources and prevention programming
  • Listen to real-life experiences of a recovery advocate and an alumni family member/client
  • Engage in therapeutic exercises involving both you and your loved ones, led by trained and licensed psychotherapists
  • Tour Banyan’s clinical facility in order to better understand how treatment works
  • Participate in engaging Q&A sessions with a variety of Banyan staff members
  • Spend quality time with your loved ones at a Banyan community event

Part of Banyan’s vision is to ensure that we contribute positively and measurably to the health of both our clients and their families. We also know and value that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts; without you, the families, the quality of care that we provide, and the recovery potential of your loved ones would not be the same. We do hope that you will join us in our effort to guide you and your loved ones toward better tomorrows.

For more information on our Family Weekend Program, please contact Richard Mayora, LCSW, our Outpatient and Family Services Supervisor, at (954) 533-7705 ext.141 or at [email protected]

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