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5 Unconventional Tips to Help with Recovery

5 Unconventional Tips to Help with Recovery

5 Unconventional Tips to Help with Recovery

So we have all heard the traditional suggestions for long term or permanent recovery right? Those things helped me a ton, and I certainly would not be here today without getting a sponsor, a home group, working the steps, a higher power and helping others! Those things should undoubtedly be the foundation stones to someone's recovery and should come before most (if not all) of anything else. What about for the person who just has too much free time on their hands in early recovery or longs for more of a connection with life? What about the person who is doing those things steady for some period of extended time? Has anyone ever plateaued in their recovery and needed more? We are going to list off five suggestions of things that could help fill some of that spare time, help you grow as a person through your recovery, and add to your life!

1.) Service and Volunteering

Whether it is in the fellowship of your choice or outside of that; science has proven that doing something freely for someone else does make you feel better! Ever had those days where you are caught up in your head and you just can't seem to get out of it? A perfect way to combat that is to throw yourself into service to something or someone else, go to a shelter, volunteer at church, get on a service committee in an anonymous fellowship, All of those are great tips to get outside of yourself while helping someone along the way!

2.) Furthering your Spiritual Path

Many people come into recovery with no real connection to a higher power, if you plan on sticking around for awhile or forever you typically find one. A lot of people come to their own conclusion of a higher power and that's great, we all have to start somewhere! Most people end up really liking it and having that relationship benefits your life in tremendous internal and external ways. Anyone ever get to the point that they want to enlarge upon that idea of what their high power is? Need more guidance? Want to deepen their faith or practices? Whether it's going to a church, synagogue, temple,mosque, practicing more prayer  and meditation, or just simply reading some books spiritual in nature those things can all add to your life and your spirituality, give it a try it definitely won't hurt!

3.) Becoming Goal Oriented

When you step out of treatment the ultimate goal is to capitalize on everything you just learned and to continue your life in recovery and sobriety. What about outside of that though? What else do you want to accomplish, what do you aspire to be or do, where does your ambition lie? Becoming goal oriented on a smaller scale step by step helps you achieve those larger goals. Going to college, getting a career, starting a family, all of those things can seem overwhelming.  But if you take it step by step and accomplish goals on a smaller scale, day by day or week by week you become much close to obtaining your ultimate goal.

Much like we take inventory through the process of the 12 steps, sometimes we need to take inventory in our regular life.

4.) Having Gratitude in the Forefront of your Mind.

It is easy to become frustrated with the day to day, being overworked, underappreciated, having too much to do and not enough time, never feeling like you get any time off to relax. It is almost ironic that us alcoholics and addicts even have the audacity to become frustrated with those sorts of things. If we take the time to take a step back and flip our perspective and instead of becoming frustrated, rather than look at them as an afforded gift or opportunity. How well do remember not being able to get out of bed without having a drink or drug? Now we get to capitalize on all these opportunities and sobriety and recovery has afforded us.

5.) Take Inventory

Much like we take inventory through the process of the 12 steps, sometimes we need to take inventory in our regular life. What is really adding to my life? What is taking away from the peace and serenity we've longed for? what things are worth it? Who or what is a positive or negative influence on your life? Something along those lines regularly would be beneficial to any person, but with people in recovery it is pertinent to do that sort of thing on some sort of regular basis.

Remember, it is always good to have a solid foundation and a program of recovery to back you up, but hopefully these five suggestions can add to and enlarge your life in recovery, while preventing you from becoming stagnant or frustration with current circumstances.  

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Alyssa who is the National Director of Digital Marketing, joined the Banyan team in 2016, bringing her five-plus years of experience. She has produced a multitude of integrated campaigns and events in the behavioral health and addictions field. Through strategic marketing campaign concepts, Alyssa has established Banyan as an industry leader and a national household name.