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If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help! Call us today at (855) 722-6926

Marijuana Edibles Linked to Suicide, Other Deaths

Marijuana Edibles

A 23-year-old Tulsa, Oklahoma, man committed suicide in his hotel room after consuming five times the recommended dose of marijuana edibles. His family places all blame on the drugs for causing this tragic incident.

Pot Edibles Blamed in Young Man’s Suicide

Luke Goodman was described by his family as being a happy, well-adjusted college graduate who had “everything going for him.” No one in the family ever saw signs of depression or anxiety, let alone suicidal thoughts or actions.

Then, during a two week vacation at a Colorado ski resort, Goodman and his cousin Caleb Fowler bought nearly $80 in marijuana and edibles. That’s where things took a turn for the tragic.

Fowler claimed that his cousin ate two of the marijuana edibles, each containing an adult dosage of marijuana’s psychoactive compound THC. Then, when he didn’t immediately feel effects, Goodman began eating more. He eventually consumed a total of five full doses.

The problem with edibles is they require at least 35 minutes to set in, and it can sometimes take as long as two hours before they reach full effect. Goodman likely had no idea that his rapid-fire consumption of the drugs would soon result in serious problems.

Later, the rest of the family went on an outing, but Goodman refused to join. When the family returned, they found Goodman had taken his life with a pistol he carried with him for self-protection.

Safety of Marijuana Edibles Questioned on Multiple Fronts

Goodman’s death is not the first one associated with marijuana edibles. Last year a Wyoming college student jumped to his death after eating a large amount of marijuana cookies. In another incident, a man shot his wife after taking prescription drugs and eating marijuana edibles.

The discussion over marijuana edibles is not likely to go in the favor of the edible market. In addition to the outcry related to these deaths, there have also been people calling for edibles to be taken off the market due to the chance that children could be attracted to them. While few politicians have taken up this cause, it’s not difficult to imagine some eventually will. If the public safety risk associated with edibles proves to be greater than that of other forms of marijuana, we may never see these psychoactive food items in dispensaries again.

Drug Abuse Takes Lives, Stay Safe with Treatment

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