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3 Myths About Addiction: Finding Florida Rehab

3 Myths About Addiction You Thought Were Facts

What can I do about drug or alcohol addiction before it takes over my life? There are a couple of different aspects of addiction that you should know. One part is the physical addiction, which requires detox to overcome. This part is quite similar for almost all drug addictions. In fact, groups like Narcotics Anonymous don’t draw any distinction at all between one kind of addiction and another. For them, addiction is to be treated as a single force that always wears the same face. What all drug addictions have in common is the tendency for the drug to “take over the driver’s seat” in your brain. This is what it means when someone says drugs “take control” of them. Click here to found out more about addiction recovery communities.

1. Addiction is a Choice

Did you know that addiction is a disease? For the last hundred years or so, addiction has been considered a disease. What this means is that physical changes take place in the brain chemistry. This is a scary thought! Did you know that your addiction literally changes your brain? This doesn’t mean that you didn’t have the choice to begin using drugs. And you certainly have the choice to enter rehab to overcome addiction now.

2. Genetically, Addiction Runs in My Family, So I’m Not Responsible

Am I still responsible for addiction if my parents were addicts and I got the gene for it? Studies show that addiction is roughly half genetics. This means that some people will be much more “disposed” to addiction than others. But even these people must be aware of the dangers. Just because you are more “disposed” toward addiction doesn’t mean you’re not responsible for getting addicted to drugs. Take responsibility now and get into a rehab center in Florida in the Fort Lauderdale area.

3. Low Moral Standards Are the Explanation for Addiction

Did you know that only a hundred years ago many religious communities would break ties with people who fell into addiction? These days, most communities are much more aware of the realities of addiction. But there are still extreme stereotypes that cause many people to lack sympathy for addicts. There’s one place you can go to be sure you’ll get treated with dignity and given excellent rehab no matter who you are and what your story is: Banyan Treatment Center. See how Florida rehab at Banyan is your best choice for recovery in the Fort Lauderdale area.

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