Synthetic Drugs Are Specially Designed to Hook Your Teen

Dangers of Mixing Ecstasy and Marijuana

Synthetic Drugs Are Getting Teens Hooked

Are you worried about your teen using designer drugs? Synthetic drugs have been around since the 90s, and they seem to go in and out of popularity from year to year. But this year, they’re in, and they’re as dangerous as ever. Manufacturers will specially design all sorts of different drugs using an array of different chemicals in order to create different effects. Some people want more hallucinations, some people want more of an upper, some more of a downer. Whatever you prefer, you can find exactly the thing with designer drugs. But these drugs are produced in very questionable places, and often are hard to track back to the source. If you’re seeking addiction recovery, see how a community support group can help.

Teens Using Synthetic Drugs

Drugs Synthetically Made to Ruin Your Teen

What if my teens are getting addicted to drugs? Designer drugs are mostly made overseas, especially in China. The US government is constantly working to make these drugs illegal, but they haven’t managed it yet. The problem is that manufacturers will very slightly change the ingredients of their synthetic drugs right before the US is getting close to banning a designer drug. That way, the sellers can keep moving synthetic drugs that are just as dangerous into the US, because they aren’t officially illegal yet. They’ve found a loophole that makes it very difficult to control these synthetic drugs. Read all about the tricky world of synthetic designer drugs. 

There’s Help for Addiction to Synthetic Drugs

What can I do to help my teen escape the world of synthetic drugs? Despite the mish-mash quality of designer drugs, they’re still very dangerous—maybe even more dangerous because of how hard it is to find out exactly what the contents are. In any case, if your teens are messing with these substances, you need to get them the help they need. Hundreds of teens across the US have already died from synthetic drug overdose. Don’t let your son or daughter be another statistic. Find high quality addiction treatment in Florida.

Florida Treatment Center: Designer Rehab

Where can I go to get my teen the best treatment for unknown synthetic drugs? Banyan Treatment Center is a Florida facility close to the water and beaches and palm trees. Our staff uses experience and skill to treat designer drug withdrawals once and for all. See how your teen can get on the road to recovery today.

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