Getting off Prescription Pills: Natural Ways to Avoid Anxiety

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Avoiding Anxiety When Getting Off Prescription Pills

How do I get off my prescription anxiety pills? Thousands of people across the country are using prescription pills for anxiety. While for some people the pills help them function better and overall improve their quality of life, some people get addicted. And a prescription pill addiction is far worse than never taking pills in the first place. The truth is that there are many alternatives to taking anxiety pills. Even if you go through addiction treatment, you’ll still have to deal with your anxiety problem on top of all that. Here’s some more info on what it’s like to get into a helpful rehab community.

No More Pills: Great Anxiety Home Remedies

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What are some alternatives to help me treat anxiety with? Prescription pills have only been around for 150 or 200 years, but people have always been dealing with anxiety. So what did people do before modern medicine? Here’s a few herbal infusions you can drink to help treat your anxiety without pills:

  1. Chamomile. Even your local grocery store will have a good array of herbal infusions for you to try. Chamomile is especially effective against anxiety. A nice hot cup will calm your nerves and help you settle down into a better mental state.
  2. Lemon Balm. Used for hundreds of years to treat anxiety, Lemon Balm in small doses can really cut the edge off things. And it’s delicious too!
  3. Valerian Root. Valerian can be used both as a sleep aid and as an anxiety relaxer. It’s less tasty than chamomile and lemon balm, so you might want to mix it with those other ones. But sometimes a brisk, rough taste can make things feel healthier.
  4. Hops. It’s not only in beer! You can throw these bitter flowers in with sweeter herbs like chamomile to make a terrific concoction that’ll have you relaxed enough to fall asleep. For more natural anxiety remedies, click here!

There’s More than One Way Out of Anxiety

What do I do if it’s too late and I’m already addicted to anxiety meds? Luckily our dual diagnosis treatment is always available to help you get back on your feet and overcome your addition. Don’t become just another statistic of people who abuse prescription drugs trying to relieve anxiety and end up with a deadly addiction. At Banyan Pompano, we want to help. Reach out to us about our prescription pill addiction treatment in Florida.

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