Meth—From Diet Pill to Deadly Drug

The Deadly Effects of Fentanyl

Meth—From Diet Pill to Deadly Drug

What is so alarming about methamphetamine? With the rise in drug trafficking in the last 50 years, addiction to methamphetamine has risen as well. The drug is becoming more widely available in more forms every day in FL. But meth never gets any less addictive and any less dangerous to drug users. In fact, for many years, doctors labeled methamphetamine addiction as “incurable.” But that has turned out to be a myth, as recent studies and successful rehabilitations have shown that meth addiction is able to be conquered.

Methamphetamine Diet Pills

Methamphetamine’s Early Uses

Was Methamphetamine always used as an illicit drug? The history of meth is actually a very interesting one. Like many drugs, methamphetamine started out as a widely-used prescription. The effects of wakefulness and acute concentration were found to be very useful—first used by the German Armed Forces. Troops would be given tablets of methamphetamine as a performance-enhancing stimulant. It helped them stay more focused on their tasks, and helped them feel more awake. Later on, an American pharmaceutical company started producing meth in pill form that was marketed as a diet product. The suppressed appetite and excessive weight-loss that seemed to result from meth was, at first, an exciting new way to lose weight for Americans in the 50s and 60s. But soon the addictive qualities became clear and meth was labeled a controlled substance in the 1970s.

Meth Addiction and Recovery in Florida

What was the turning point on people realizing meth was so dangerous? Thousands of Americans became addicted to methamphetamine and began taking bigger and bigger risks to get more of it. Drug addiction plagued many people and ruined families across the nation. The weight-loss effects of the drug turned out to be very unhealthy, and many of the other side-effects became clearly dangerous and ugly. Such as “meth-mouth,” which is when you grit your teeth sharply and incessantly, almost like lock-jaw. Meth addiction builds up a tough tolerance that can only be broken down by a top-notch detox and drug rehab process.

The Best Rehab for Meth Addiction

Where can you turn to if you or a loved one is suffering from meth addiction? Methamphetamine is far too addictive for you to try to overcome addiction on your own. You need to find a community where you can get clean with the help of professional clinicians and a proven 12 step program. Check out Banyan’s Florida meth rehab program today.

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