What Healthcare Workers Need to Know About Rehab

Substance Abuse in Medical Professionals

Do Healthcare Workers Go to Rehab?

Did you know that nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals have a high rate of addiction? It’s true. Just because they work in the health industry doesn’t mean they don’t struggle with some of the same things that their patients struggle with. It just goes to show that anyone is susceptible to drug and alcohol addiction. Stress is a key factor in addiction, and, like much of the business world, the healthcare industry is as highly stressful. Many workers struggle constantly with anxiety. This is where the drugs and alcohol come in.

Drug Recovery for Doctors and Nurses

Drug Recovery for Doctors and Nurses

As a healthcare professional, you know more than anyone how important rehab is for someone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. No matter how many times you see it from the side of the clinician, you’ll never be totally susceptible to addiction. In fact, medical and healthcare professionals are oftentimes more susceptible to addiction because they frequently have all sorts of drugs at hand in the workplace. It’s very difficult to be suffering from anxiety, stress, and worry for 12 to 16-hour shifts in a workplace where drugs are ready at hand. Learn more about drug addiction in healthcare professionals.

The Dangers of Healthcare Workplace Addiction

What are some of the signs that a healthcare worker might have a drug addiction? One of the biggest signs is sloppy record-keeping, or when a worker consistently records an unusually large “wastage” of drugs. Some of this wastage and bad record-keeping is excusable, but this is an easy way for healthcare workers to cover the tracks of their drug addiction. Drug addiction in the healthcare workplace is especially dangerous because the consequences are bad healthcare for the patients who the addict is supposed to be caring for. If you or a healthcare worker you know exhibits any of these signs, you should check out Banyan Treatment Center, where we have a specialized healthcare worker rehab program.

Getting Great Treatment: Healthcare Worker Rehab

You know that recovery takes more than just willpower and that you can only hide drug addiction for a short time. Why not face your demons now, before you accidentally give a patient improper treatment, all because of your addiction? When it comes to healthcare worker rehab, the sooner the better. Check out Banyan’s individualized rehab program especially for healthcare professionals.

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