Stabilization Works—You Don't Have to Relapse

Stabilization Works—You Don’t Have to Relapse

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Don’t Fear: Stabilization Works

Stabilization Works—You Don't Have to RelapseWhat’s the point of a stabilization program if the rehab is already over? Well nobody’s perfect, and in the process of your recovery treatment, there’s bound to be a few bumps and turns in the road. But just because you stumble a little bit doesn’t mean that your rehab failed. Like anything in life, there’s a learning curve, and it might be that you’re just on the verge of success right at the moment when you’re sure you’ll fail. You’ve got to stick with it in order to fully recovery, and that’s what a stabilization program is for.

What Exactly is a Relapse?

What do you do if your insurance company says you only qualify for rehab after an extended period of substance abuse or drug addiction? This is exactly what the stabilization program was made for. It’s not the same thing as a full-out rehab program. Stabilization is specifically designed for people who have completed their rehab, but need some follow-up treatment to get them back on track. When you’re in danger of a relapse, it’s essential to stay positive, but also to own up to your shortcoming and get involved in a stabilization program. Here’s some more information on relapse prevention.

Keep Your Chin Up, the End Goal is in Sight

You finished your rehab and you were feeling on top of the world, but then you got overwhelmed and fell back into drug or substance use. You could pity yourself, and remove yourself from your loved ones, because of the embarrassment of backsliding—and enter the slippery slope back to addiction. But you’re only hurting yourself and your loved ones by doing that. Don’t let your pride get in the way of your recovery. Take pride when you’re doing well, then have enough humility to admit when you need more help along the way. Banyan Treatment Center understands what you’re going through. See how our stabilization program can help.

Finish Your Rehab Before it Slips Away

When is the right time to take the plunge into a stabilization program? As soon as you have your first slip-up, your defenses will be down—and before long you’ll be stuck back in the slog of your addiction to drugs or alcohol. You don’t have to recovery on your own—be honest with your struggles. Check into the stabilization program at Banyan Treatment Center, where we’ll tailor your continued treatment to your specific needs. Because everyone has their own story, and your reasons for drug abuse or substance addiction may be different than others. And at Banyan, we’ll take the time to find out how to best approach your treatment.    

Alyssa is Banyan’s Director of Digital Marketing & Technology. After overcoming her own struggles with addiction, she began working in the treatment field in 2012. She graduated from Palm Beach State College in 2016 with additional education in Salesforce University programs. A part of the Banyan team since 2016, Alyssa brings over 5 years of experience in the addiction treatment field.

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